Why we’re different from — and better than — those other firms.

Forget about rent-a-CFOs, contractors and outsourcing. We become your fully staffed, right-sized finance and accounting department — and your strategic CFO. Here are seven ways we’re superior to other so-called solutions:


Life science expertise

As a life science start-up, you face specific challenges. We’re well versed in them all. Our team is stacked with life science veterans. You’re in safe hands.


Precise execution plus CFO-caliber guidance

When we become your high-powered finance and accounting department, your business runs smoothly and your books are clean. You also benefit from CFO-level strategic guidance on everything from board meetings to audits to equity management. You focus on your science, and rely on us for the rest.


One partnership, from seed through IPO

We’re built to grow as you do, from your early rounds all the way through your end game — whether that be merger, IPO or commercialization. You get just as much support as you need at each stage of your growth, plus the stability and efficiency of long-term continuity.


Committed employees, not contractors

Most firms throw warm bodies at you and hope for the best. We support you with tight-knit teams of full-time Engine Room employees, deeply versed in our approach and tightly connected with each other. This is big.


Proven processes and systems

Don’t create processes and systems from scratch. Use ours instead. They’re powerful, streamlined and tuned to the needs of life science start-ups.


Full NetSuite integration

As an authorized [NetSuite business partner], we’re experts at helping life science start-ups tap the power and efficient of ERP. When the time is right, we’ll get you up and running.


Plug and play

It’s fast and painless to turn us into your finance and accounting nerve center. Suddenly, you’re free to focus maximum energy on your most critical task — developing your breakthrough science.