Life science companies on a mission

September 2, 2021

Mike Rose, CEO

We love working with companies whose products have potential to create fundamental breakthroughs in medical science. When they succeed, they can literally save and transform lives. Here are two Engine Room clients with serious momentum:


Less than a year ago, GentiBio closed a seed round of $20 million to advance their engineered regulatory T cell therapies for immunology. Now they just completed a $157 million Series A round. We’ve helped fast-track their growth by maintaining ultra-clean financials and scaling their accounting operations with maximum efficiency, so they can remain focused on their breakthrough science.

Kriya Therapeutics

Kriya is venturing into uncharted territory. They’re creating gene therapies for diseases that impact large numbers of people, rather than just for rare conditions. They’re also trying to do it at a far more affordable cost than existing gene therapies. Kriya recently raised $100 million in Series B financing to help the company realize its mission.