We can help you manage cash to meet your milestones

April 22, 2022

Mike Rose, CEO

These days, that IPO exit looks a little farther away. To secure your next funding round, hitting your milestones and demonstrating progress with existing cash is more crucial than ever.

We can manage this essential function for you, so you can stay focused on developing your science. We will:

  • Collaborate with you to create a rock-solid budget tied to your scientific milestones
  • Report actual performance against budget every month, to make sure you’re on track and identify areas that need attention
  • Handle operational reporting, all the way down to the program level
  • Prepare presentations fine-tuned to the specific needs of your investors and the board

While you create breakthrough science, we remain laser-focused on the critical question: “How much cash do you have, and how do we make sure it gets you to your next milestone?”

To learn more, reach out to Engine Room CEO Mike Rose at 650-388-9314 or [email protected].